About Us

Stop and Shred • Documents shredded while you wait…in full view! On your way to work or home. Don’t put confidential documents in the trash. Protect yourself from identity theft and obey HIPAA and FACTA regulations by thoroughly destroying confidential information.

Stop and Shred

In today’s society with identity theft becoming more and more of a problem, disposing of confidential documents in a safe and secure way is becoming increasingly important.

Without the proper safeguards, your personal information such as bank statements, credit card receipts, various health records, or other sensitive financial information will end up in a dumpster or landfill where it is readily, and legally, available to anyone.

Stop & Shred now provides you with a safe and economical way to dispose of your confidential documents… without ever leaving your sight.

The shredded material is then recycled for environmentally responsible disposal. Safe and secure feeling. The peace of mind you will have in knowing that your documents have been safely destroyed and there is no risk of them falling into the wrong hands!

“Confidential documents shredded quickly and efficiently… in full view!”

Upon arrival at our store, your documents will be shredded immediately, in full view, never leaving your sight.

Documents that contain paper clips, staples, or that are in 3-ring binders are not a problem for the shredder so there is no need to separate these items from the documents.